The goal of the marketing department is to implement creative strategies that help Nation Publishing to strengthen its reputation, improve product appeal to customers, conceptualize new business ideas, as well as enhance our relationship with readers, advertisers and other strategic partners. The department's major activities are structured under three main areas:

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications involves managing the reputation of the Nation by monitoring its various publics and coordinating programmes geared at establishing and maintaining good relations with them.

This section is responsible for coordinating the company's signature events such as The Nation Fun Walk and Fun Ride as well as writing press releases and speeches, co-coordinating plant tours and press conferences, executing internal and external communication plans, and planning events for staff that build camaraderie and foster teamwork.

Sponsorships, which command a substantial part of our corporate budget, also fall under the umbrella of corporate communications. Our goal is to assist charitable causes, and support education, sports and cultural development.

Customer Experience

At Nation Publishing we believe that good customer service is only the beginning of an excellent customer experience. The customer service team is responsible for ensuring that this philosophy is embedded at every level of the organization and translates into WOW customer experiences for all our clients. As such they are involved in:

Delivering customer service training to staff

Managing customer enquires, and complaints

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys

Coordinating service recovery

Building the company's contact database

General Marketing

Marketing initiatives help to create greater awareness of the company's products and services and stimulate higher levels of innovation, creativity and sales. They include:

Coordinating Reader Competitions

Product Promotion

1.) Print & radio advertising campaigns

2.) External Signage

3.) Event Marketing

Market Research

1.) Reader Surveys

2.) Market Intelligence

3.) Competitive Intelligence

Business Development

1.) Product launches

2.) Proposal Development

Key Contacts

Marketing Executive - Valerie Hope

Deputy Marketing Executive/Research - Peter Blackman

Senior Corporate Communications Officer - Marilyn Sealy

Senior Customer Experience Officer - Maxine Inniss